The Ell

The Ell

Omhus nisan-ihd pa-mia nian-ihm od torzah pirjon

~ Logah Eanoq ~

They stand between the darkness and the light, ever ready to defend their realm against the abyss. For seven thousand years there has been peace, the inheritors of the glorious past keeping faith with the great ritual that is the world, but nonetheless they still keep watch, for who knows when the next trial will begin? Nothing lasts for ever.


The Past

The Past

Peace always has a price, so here is a brief tale of how that peace was bought. Here are a few of the years since the beginning, the long road of struggle that eventually brought both unity and harmony to Uriel.


The Lore Of The Ell

The Lore of the Ell

Three are the great powers of the Ell, three lores that have helped shape the world. Here is both the good and the evil, for are not all things made known by their opposite?


The Order Of The World

The Order of the World

Here is the world as it became, the seven guilds that maintain the balance. Here is the word of the Creator made manifest, the word as it was given to the first Velukor of all, from whose blood all authority depends.


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