The Namad Dar

The Namad Dar

How the lore of stone was discovered is not known. It is lost to antiquity, to the dark times before memory. What is certain, though, is that the lore was given as a gift to Audroh Nerroh in the times after the Black War. It was Risatah who did the deed, but he did not reveal where he obtained the knowledge. It was assumed that he had discovered it for himself, but he never said it was so. Risatah founded the Dar Kaadarith, the order of stone, and from them came the world as it is now known, a world ordered and at peace.

With the Namad Dar the Dar Kaadarith discovered the power of creation, for each stone created in their forges contains a flaw, a gap, infinitely small but infinitely potent, for here is where creation is divided and the naked schism from which creation was originally born is exposed. Here is limitless energy, and with that energy creation can be reordered.

There are stones that make light, stones that make fire, stones that move the air and stones that can lift the weight of mountains. There are stones that can store images or events, stones that can store words or speech and even stones that can store thoughts and visions. An entire library of lore, many hundreds of scrolls, can be reduced to a single stone, to be recalled at will. Important events, the records of days, can be resurrected as and when they are desired – the learning and experience of the past kept in perpetuity in imperishable crystal.

And then there is the kabadar itself, the stave of a Geyad. With the kabadar an adept can command the elements themselves, calling up the very forces that uphold creation. The four elements, earth, air, fire and water, made to serve.

But there are also the arts of war. Let it not be forgotten that the Wars of Unification were ended with a single stroke, the most terrible act of destruction yet seen, for upon the final great fortress of the Iabeiorith was let loose a single stone containing within it the pent-up furies of the void, utter negation. In a blinding cataclysm that fortress was destroyed, and all the land about it was burned to ash. And so the ruins of the Forujer Allar remain, a stark reminder that the door of power opens both ways and that as one can build, so one can also destroy.



Mastery over Earth

The greatest works of stone, those that span the ages, are made with power. That power, to mould the world in your own image, is the gift of the Namad Dar. Here is the power to make. But all things are made known by their opposite, and the power to make can also be matched by the power to destroy.



Mastery over Air

To quell a storm, to call up winds, the gift of flight: here is where the chaos of the air is subdued and made to serve. And as the wind carries messages from afar, so now they can be spanned and the word of the Ell can cross the world.



Mastery over Fire

From keeping the cold at bay, to the gentle heat of the hearth and to the forging of metals. Fire, most destructive of all the elements, can also be made to serve. Behind its containing walls it remains a gentle enough servant, but never forget that once loosed it is utterly indiscriminate.



Mastery over Water

The giver of life and the gentle cup out of which the world flows. Though mastered and travelled, though used and harvested, water alone retains the final mystery. At the clear behest of the Creator the deeps remain inviolate and the Ell do not travel there.


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